Find where you parked your car using Artificial Intelligence.

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Works like magic

The only app that AUTOMATICALLY detects your parking events.

Peace of mind

Never worry about finding your parked car again. Never have to remember to record where you parked.

No accessory needed

The only accessory needed is your current iPhone (and of course a car).

100% secure

TrakCar never sends any data to anyone, so your privacy is fully preserved.

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How to use TrakCar

Download the app and open it. When asked, give it permissions to access your location and send you notifications. Minimize the app and relax! TrakCar is now automatically tracking your parking events. Drive around a bit and when you later want to find your car, simply reopen the app. Here is what you will see:

Park button

TrakCar detects parking events automatically, so you will never have to press this button! (Unless you insist on manually adding a parking event at your current location)

Three bars button

Press this button to access the TrakCar options tab where you can for example unlock all parking events or like us on Facebook or Twitter.

Turn right button

Press this button to obtain walking directions to the currently selected parking event.

Table of parking events

Touch a row in this table to obtain more information about the corresponding parking event. The most recent parking event is always in the top row.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to install anything in my car?

No, you dont't! That is the beauty of TrakCar! You do not need any sensors, trackers, nothing installed in your car. It will work with ANY car you drive.

Will it work with any car or motorcycle?

Yes it will!

Do I need to register my car with the App?

No, you don't! TrakCar works with any car you drive!

I thought the license is for a year at least, but after 2 weeks after buying I am back to free version.

The license is for a lifetime. If for whatever reason your TrakCar Full starts behaving like a Free version, simply press a button "Restore Purchases" on the Settings page of TrakCar and keep enjoying the Full Version.

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Customer reviews

  • "Just got notified of my parking events. Trak Car is really cool when it works. I was able to infer how long I spent grocery shopping and how long I was eating. I would like this to be a part of the OS tracking my activities."
  • "I've had TrakCar for a few days now and I've noticed that if it's active, it records every parking event perfectly … It's exactly what I've always wanted - an app that works automatically!"
  • "Your app is great when I park my car …. app also tracks when I am on a train."
  • "What an awesome app. Thanks for creating this amazing tool."

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